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About Us

Premium Healthcare Providers (PHP) seeks to be at the forefront in healthcare staffing agencies by integrating industry-leading recruitment experience with a talented pool of qualified Nurses , Personal Support Workers , and healthcare professionals in the province of Ontario .

Hence, we adopted a company model that chooses to provide quality healthcare professionals at rates below the current market value for agency-affiliated staff. We pride ourselves in being able to place emphatic and competent healthcare providers like:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Home Service Workers
  • Environmental Cleaners
  • Kitchen Aides
  • Screener

Proud members of Advantage Ontario and the OLTCA, Premium Healthcare Providers will work on covering the healthcare needs of our clients. Currently, we house over 400 healthcare professionals that are ready to be deployed at any time.

Why Choose Us


Over 15 years of experience

Most of our team have passionately served in the industry for more than a decade. Our years of experience provide deep insight in adopting strategies that are the best in the field, helping us navigate through the current shortage of healthcare workers and the difficulties in every facility we serve.


We have Expert's with guaranteed work

We work to ensure that our recruits gain continued employment, providing them placement opportunities according to their work qualifications. We employ only unbiased experts who have comprehensive knowledge in their own respective fields.


Fast-paced, value-driven to cater your needs

Striving to be the best healthcare provider, our continuous efforts involve utilizing new and fast-paced methodologies and protocols that will help satisfy our clients’ needs. We refrain from making false promises so we only employ competent and efficient medical staff who work with and on patients with a humble approach.

Our Company Values


Cost-Efficient Healthcare Staffing

Premium Healthcare Providers has built connections
with medical institutions and has been highly
recognized for providing exceptional healthcare
staffing support to our affiliated healthcare facilities.


Enhanced Customer Service

We have a short response time, aiming to respond to all client inquiries within the same period of the day.


Client Partnership-Driven Experience

We aim to deliver an exceptional client experience. We
offer exceedingly favourable terms & conditions on our
agreements and SLAs.

Our Mission

To provide respite to the health care industry by promoting quality accessibility staffing in Ontorio.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between supply and demand in human resources for health care facilities across Ontario.

Meet Our Team

Bernard Garcia - Chief Executive Officer

Bernard’s family has been in the business world for over 40 years. He was exposed at a young age in the business industry, leading large groups of individuals in different types of businesses like hospitals, clinics, and general goods. For over 10 years, Bernard has been a noteworthy leader in the healthcare staffing space. Bernard has established his own company’s reputation by building good relationships with other large health care agencies such as Switch Health, Voyago Health, and various retirement homes, and long-term care facilities. He is currently managing a successful company that drives an exceptional staff of more than 500. Under his leadership, he is able to quickly get partnerships with several client institutions in a short period of time, while maintaining the quality of the services provided.

Kristtoferson Gundino - Human Resources Manager

An accomplished and energetic human resource professional, Kris has a solid history in office administration and management. He is a motivated leader with strong organizational abilities, and is experienced in personnel records management, compensation and benefits, and employee relations. He has a proven track record in crafting effective training and development tools as well. He is a registered nurse with a certification in Nursing Leadership and Management from Seneca College. Kris previously handled and headed various sections in a hospital setting, leading many nurses at a time; this helped him transition into his current role, especially in screening and choosing nurses who fit our company’s values.

Ryan Cancino - Finance Manager

An accurate and performance-driven finance manager, Ryan has an extensive experience in overseeing all financial functions within the company. He is adept at managing financial teams, allocating budget, completing financial reports and statements, and conducting financial forecasts. He is a registered medical technologist, and holds a degree of Doctor of Medicine and a Masters in Business Administration. He has experience in handling the financing of several clinics and pharmacies. Previously, Ryan worked as the finance manager of his family’s own automotive company while being a medical practitioner as well.

Sunil Panesar - Marketing Manager

A results-oriented, energetic, and ambitious entrepreneurial marketing executive, Sunil is adept at business development and seeking new opportunities from a wide range of clients. Sunil’s expertise lies in many facets of marketing including management, advertising, digital and social media, email, and brand management. He is experienced in dealing with different cultures and nationalities.

He has a background in Bioscience at the University of Windsor. Since joining Premium Healthcare Providers, Sunil has implemented several measures to increase brand recognition and was able to close multiple large deals for the company in only a short period of time, increasing the company’s revenue by almost 30%. Before joining PHCP, he also held marketing positions in the food and beverage industry.

Our Accomplishments


We successfully vaccinated tens of thousands of patients during peaks of COVID-19 cases. Our nurses truly shined during the vaccination process, showing up for every shift, putting in overtime as needed, and meeting deadlines promptly. This earned us the number one spot on Switch Health’s roster, as they have taken in our services exclusively, recruiting from us whenever possible.


Performance may be monitored against KPI/SLOs as a measure of supplier performance against the obligations and objectives. Our fill rate to date is 100%. However, to account for unforeseen circumstances, we adopt a 90-95% fill rate. We are currently working with a multitude of facilities and a few large companies like Switch Health and Voyago. Our cancellation rate to date is 0%, as we have a large number of staff rotating in different facilities. Thus, we have adopted an appropriate cancelation rate of less than 10%, which we have been able to maintain up to the present.


We aided in the development of better management strategies and coordination of in-patients and out-patients during peak vaccination periods. When we worked with Switch Health, the operational capacity could not sustain the thousands of patients we were seeing daily. Our company capitalized on this by setting forth better methods of optimizing the flow of patients. By providing feedback and through better planning, Switch Health was then able to increase their efficiency in vaccination and decrease potential complications.


We have consistently out-performed various nursing agencies in terms of quality of service and work ethic, as witnessed by the many facilities where we have previously operated in. Compared to the other staff members who were not affiliated with our company on joint ventures, we worked more devotedly and efficiently in upholding optimal operational standards. This is further supported by the positive feedback we have received from these facilities via e-mails, phone calls, and text messages.

Our Happy Customers

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all
your assistance over the weekend and your quick
response to get us staff!”

Kelly Chuckry

Registered Nurse, BSCN Director of Care, United Mennonite Homes

“You’re like a staffing wizard.
Too fast!”

Amanda Gopaul

Nurse Operations Manager, Switch Health

“I wish we had met you 2 years ago!”

Patti Macintyre

Director of Care Bethany Residence, Burlington

Contract Partners

Provides the highest level of service in the  healthcare industry.

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