About Us
Premium Healthcare Providers (PHP) seeks to be at the forefront of healthcare staffing by integrating industry-leading recruitment experience with a talented pool of qualified nurses, personal support workers, and healthcare professionals in the province of Ontario.

We provide quality healthcare professionals at rates below the current market value for agency-affiliated staff. We pride ourselves in being able to place emphatic and competent healthcare providers like:

Registered Nurses

Registered Practical Nurses

Personal Support Workers


Environmental Cleaners

Home Service Workers

Kitchen Aides


Primary Care Paramedics

Emergency First Responders

A proud member of AdvantAge Ontario and the OLTCA.

Premium Healthcare Providers is on track in getting recognized by Accreditation Canada.

We are proud to announce that we are in the process of being fully accredited by May 2023 due to the combined efforts of our clients as well as the endeavours of our management team.

Unforeseen delays in payments from facilities are no longer a cause for concern, due to our partnership with Liquid Capital, North America’s leading alternative business funding provider.